Magnesia mineral water

Magnesia mineral water from Carlsbad region is high in magnesium, and moderately high in Calcium, the two minerals essential for optimal mind and body functioning:
Magnesium: is the body’s stress reducer. It boosts up the immune system, controls high/low blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. It is concentrated in the muscles, bones and kidneys.
Bicarbonate: helps aid digestion and balances the PH levels in the stomach, intestines and blood.
Calcium: vital for the growth and functioning of bones.

Magnesia mineral water

One liter of Magnesia mineral water contains 170 mg of magnesium. By drinking a 1.5l bottle you will consume 68% of the daily recommended intake of magnesium. Magnesia is an ideal and natural source of magnesium for your body.

Magnesia mineral water

The uniqueness of Magnesia mineral water is founded in its high content of magnesium and simultaneously low content of sodium with overall medium mineralization. What does it mean? You replenish magnesium (Mg) without burdening your body with other substances, namely sodium (salt).
Magnesia mineral water is collected directly from its natural source in the depth of 100 meters without any human intervention.


Daily recommended intake for Magnesium

How much magnesium do I need?
General daily requirement for magnesium is approximately 320 mg per day for women and 420 for men
For a quick magnesium calculator click here
To find out more about your daliy need for magnesium,

Magnesia mineral water

What is Magnesia?
Magnesia mineral water comes from the pristine nature of Slavkov forest in Carlsbad region in the heart of Europe. On its journey from the depths of 100 m, Magnesia has to make its way through a layer of serpentine – a rock especially rich in magnesium. Magnesium is released into the water with the help of carbon dioxide, a remnant of past volcanic activity.


How much can I drink?
It's natural mineral water, so you can drink it the same way as any other water. Magnesia is not just water. Magnesia mineral water has a very unique mineral composition. It's rich in magnesiium, with 170mg of magnesium in every litre of Magnesia and low in sodium,

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